Lesson Plan

I have minimal experience with preparing lesson plans, having prepared only one  prior to this unit.  I needed to take time to reflect on what I learnt from my previous experience.  The one key point I took away from creating my first lesson plan was that it had to be written in enough detail that any teacher could pick up the plan and conduct the lesson easily and effectively.

With this in mind, together with the template provided, I considered my learning objectives and how best to achieve those objectives.  By breaking my plan into process, performance, end product and evaluation, I was able to achieve some clarity as to the direction of my plan and how to complete it.Lesson-Plan_large

I chose Wordle as my web tool of choice for a number of reasons.  Not only is it free (always a consideration), it is easy to use and a fun, visual way for students to reflect and express themselves.

There are disadvantages to using Wordle such as not being able to edit or revert to the work once it is saved and it possesses a limited range of features.  These drawbacks had to be factored into the lesson plan.



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