Week 8 – Lifelong Learning

This week we explored lifelong learning.  What does this phrase mean to me?  How does it link with teaching in today’s digital world and, more importantly, how do I prepare my students for life beyond the classroom?

Lifelong Learning Wordle (Colville, 2014)

Lifelong Learning Wordle (Colville, 2014)

For me, lifelong learning goes beyond formal learning.  It encompasses personal growth throughout your life.  It is overcoming obstacles and embracing new challenges. It is increasing your knowledge and skills throughout your life.

From a teaching perspective, there has been a shift away from educational outcomes being restricted to formal schooling.  It is now concerned with ensuring students develop skills that enable them to engage in learning throughout their lifetime (Howell, 2012).  Access to the internet provides constant exposure to digital information in its many forms for the duration of your life, provided you are digitally fluent. It is critical to provide our students with technology enriched learning experiences that bridge any digital divide and increase digital fluency.


GPP Prezi (Colville, 2014)

We also considered what it is to be a global citizen. Society is no longer restricted by boundaries with technology providing global access to information and products.  The power of the global citizen is harnessed by global organisations such as The Global Poverty Project, BandAid and The Earth Day Network.

Further information on Lifelong Learning can be found @
the Lifelong Learning Council Queensland and ACER.


Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ICT: digital pedagogies for collaboration and            creativity. South Melbourne, Vic: Oxford University Press