Peer Feedback on Blog

The final element of the assessment had us forming groups to mark peer blogs, and provide feedback via a rubric. Whilst I looked forward to viewing my peers’ blogs, I felt vulnerable having anyone other than my tutor evaluate my blog. It was difficult to establish where this feeling came from.  Was it because I felt unqualified to mark a blog, therefore my peers were not qualified?  Was it because it is so subjective? What I like is not what someone else likes.  I finally adopted the view that additional feedback could only be conducive to improving my blog and that of my peers.

I opened the rubrics received from my peers with trepidation.  I was surprised to find myself grateful for their comments.  They enabled me to view my blog from a different perspective. Both peers were complimentary and offered suggestions on how they thought my blog could be improved.  I agreed with the suggestions and changed the formatting of text and images, and provided further reflection on how my thinking has changed during this unit.

Peer feedback proved invaluable in enabling deeper thinking, first with the analysis of my peers’ blogs and then the self-assessment of my own blog.  It is a skill I need to hone and be comfortable with so as to enhance and extend my students’ learning.