Week 5 – Digital Information

Week 5 saw us creating a Pinterest site that represented the different types of digital information we encounter.   Although I had heard of Pinterest, I had not used it and, like Twitter, I did not understand its attraction.  Perhaps I need to be more open minded about the utility of social networking sites?


Pinterest (Colville, 2014)

I enjoyed searching for relevant and credible pins for my Pinterest site.  There is a wealth of information on Pinterest.  So much so that it would be easy to fall into the trap of pinning anything that looks remotely interesting without checking the credibility of the source.  Pinterest would be a useful resource in the classroom from an information perspective, and as a tool for creative exercises.  Pinterest provides an excellent opportunity for students to brainstorm, research and evaluate information whilst creating a visual representation of what they are learning.

The second, and most challenging, part of the activity was marking my peers’ sites with the use of a rubric. A lack of confidence, and a lack of knowledge regarding Pinterest, had me approaching this task with great reluctance.  I appreciate teachers mark work daily but I have a long way to go before this task becomes easier!

 Further information on Evaluating Websites can be found @
Charles Sturt University and Educational Technology


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